Images Of Flowers and Plants That Can Cause Death And Illness In Dogs and Cats
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 12:35PM
Images Of Flowers and Plants That Can Cause Death And Illness In Dogs and Cats

 Images Of Flowers and Plants That Can Cause Death And Illness In Dogs and Cats www.vickiesflowers.comWe love our pets and flowers, but sometimes the two do not mix.  This blog shows images of flowers and plants that can be lethal to your pets.  There are many poisonous plants to dogs and cats and this is only a partial list.  We developed this first list from online resources, such as the ASPCA and Pet Poison Helpline.  (We are not medical professionals and can not offer or claim to offer any medical advice. We are a florist, but want to raise awareness of the potential for your pet to be poisoned by a plant.  If you suspect your pet has consumed a poisonous flower or plant call  Animal Poison Control) (888) 426-4435Other resources:ASPCA top listed poisonous plantsPet Poison HelplineFlowers and plants that can cause death and illness in dogs and cats Azalea Amaryllis Delphinium and Larkspur English Ivy Cyclamen Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia Foxglove or Digitalis Purpurea Lantana Mistletoe Oleander Rhododendron Sago PalmsVery Lethal - Pets like the taste. Crocus Juniper LiliesTulip Narcissus Bulb Castor Beans Kalanchoe Yew - Tasux Peace Lily Pothos Schefflera Marijuana

How To Choose Flowers For A Funeral
Saturday, June 13, 2015 5:36PM
Images Of Flowers and Plants That Can Cause Death And Illness In Dogs and Cats

 HOW TO CHOOSE FLOWERS FOR A FUNERALFuneral flowers for your loved one is an opportunity to remember their life in a way that represents who they really were.    I wanted to share this brief list of suggestions to help you through this process.   Consider consulting a florist instead of working through a funeral director.  Most funeral homes provide one stop shopping for the service, which usually includes flowers.  We understand and appreciate the convenience the funeral director may offer for including flowers in a service. However, the funeral director is not a florist and may not have the knowledge which flowers are in season, or which flowers will last the longest.  Often the flowers must look fresh for up to 2-3 days, conditions may be hot or cold, there may be long transport times, and flowers chosen may not be in season. Your professional florist can help you choose the best options for the the season and type of service. A professional florist may also have design ideas that include themes that honor your loved one that a funeral director may not consider. For example, we have even included Harley Davidson motorcyles into themed arrangements to honor the deceased (see image below). Call a florist to explore your options. Finally, funeral homes sometimes mark up their prices 25% or more above retail.How to do a Google search ...

12 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Florist
Thursday, March 19, 2015 6:02PM
Images Of Flowers and Plants That Can Cause Death And Illness In Dogs and Cats

 Twelve Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Florist:We understand planning and paying for wedding flowers can be a big investment. There are many good online sources that help walk you through choosing a florist for your wedding flowers. Here are a 12 tips from our perspective that we think will be useful during your search.1. Ask your friends and/or family members who they used in the past. What did they like or not like about the florist they used?2. If you are using an event center ask them who they recommend.3. Does the florist have experience with the event center? This can be helpful because they know the center, staff and how well the flowers will hold up during different times of the year and location (outside/inside)4. Does the florist have good online reviews and reputation?5. Can the florist show you pictures of their own personal work?6. Is the florist booked for several events on the same day? (Too many events on the same day can be problematic if you have issues with your flowers and need the florist to come back to fix something.)7. Will the florist deliver, help with set-up, and pin on corsages and boutonnieres?8. Do you feel comfortable with the florist and do you feel like they share your vision?9. Does the florist offer a free consultation and estimate?10. When you meet with your florist do they seem attentive, helpful, and interested?11. ...

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