Funeral Photo Editing Printing

Funeral Photo Editing and Printing

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In addition to being a Brighton florist, we have been editing, printing, and mounting funeral photos since 2005 for our funeral flowers, memorials, and cremation urn flowers.  We have over 11 years of Photoshop and retouching experience.  If you do not live in the Denver metro area we can edit your image and send you the file for local printing, or we can edit, print, and mount your funeral photo and ship it FedEx to your location.  The images are ideal for showing  loved ones at memorial services with cremation flowers.  We provide Photoshopping, re-touching, editing, printing, and mounting on a very quick turn-around.  In most cases we can even perform same day service. 

We use large format color calibrated archival ink HP printers to produce your image.  The largest vacuum mounted prints are 30"x40".  By the way what is vacuum mounting?  It is a process, whereby the image is inserted into a vacuum press at 220 degrees and all the air is removed.  This allows a completely flat surface to your image mounted on foam core or other substrates.  Watch our video to see this process:



The funeral photo edits are made with high resolution files (at least 4 gig).   However, I have been able to to edit and enlarge very small files that are exceptionally clear.  If you have a printed photo and it needs to be scanned, please call us.  We can scan.
If you have any questions please call (720) 685-8005

Editing only (use this option if you want just a digital file) start at $39.95.  This will cover most images. If your image is more difficult I will contact you with a price. 

If you need a photo edited and mounted as a 16x20 the cost would be $39.95+$39.95+tax (.0485) = $81.82 +shipping

Prints mounted on foam core (does not include editing!)

Siz Price
11x14 $41.95
16x20 $51.95
20x30 $74.95
24x36 $84.95
30x40 $99.95